Of Course There Was Petty Drama at Tiffany Trump’s Wedding

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

There is nothing to warm the heart in these cold winter months like petty Trump family drama. Over the weekend, one such nugget unfolded at the wedding of Donald Trump’s only non-indicted adult child, Tiffany Trump, who married businessman Michael Boulos on Saturday at Mar-a-Lago. Despite the threat of a hurricane turned tropical storm headed straight for the resort and the former president reportedly being very grumpy over the outcome of the midterms, the show went on: Donald walked his daughter down the aisle and a confusing interpretation of Eyes Wide Shut was performed. However, there was one apparent hitch in the weekend’s events: Everyone in the bridal party wore pastels or metallics, while Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, showed up in black.

It’s unclear if there was an explicit dress code or if the other members of Tiffany’s bridal party followed the many unspoken restrictions of wedding clothing (Ivanka, for example, was wearing an exact replica of a Grace Kelly dress). However, at least one member of the family appeared not to appreciate Guilfoyle’s choice: Tiffany’s maid of honor Ivanka, who cropped Guilfoyle out of her social-media posts congratulating her half-sister.

Personally, I applaud Guilfoyle for joining both Jenner sisters in the fight against oppressive wedding-attire etiquette, and also for stirring up drama. You may recall that, when she and Don Jr. first got engaged, the news was reportedly kept under wraps for over a year in order to cede the spotlight to Tiffany’s engagement. Perhaps this was a little act of revenge?

Of Course There Was Petty Drama at Tiffany Trump’s Wedding