Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Seen Exiting the Same Restaurant

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Getty Images

As you may have heard, Leonardo DiCaprio and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Camila Morrone, semi-recently broke up. The timing of their split (within months of Morrone’s 25th birthday) did not do much to disprove the observation that DiCaprio, who is 47, has never dated a woman over the age of 25. However, the tabloids are convinced that he is now pursuing a certain 27-year-old: Gigi Hadid.

In September, Us Weekly reported that Leo had “his sights set on Gigi,” though its source noted that “she hasn’t shown an interest.” That doesn’t even sound worthy of a Love Island arc, if you ask me, but it didn’t stop “Page Six” from referring to these two as a “new couple,” even suggesting the moniker “DiGi.” Up until that point, Hadid had — as far as we know — been single since last year: In October 2021, tabloids reported that she and Zayn Malik, with whom she has a 1-year-old daughter, had parted ways shortly after Hadid’s mother filed court documents accusing Malik of harassment. And even though the sources were saying that Leo’s feelings were not mutual, the rumors — some of which sounded not unlike wishful thinking by certain publicists — had been circulating for a little while. In July, a blind item posted to DeuxMoi alleged that Hadid and DiCaprio were “partying close together.” At the end of August, one day after it was reported that DiCaprio and Morrone had broken up, In Touch claimed that he and Hadid had “hooked up a few times this summer.”

Whatever you choose to believe about this potential pairing, it does appear that they have spoken at least once, and have also been inside the same building on a handful of documented occasions. The Daily Mail acquired photos of Leo and Gigi at Casa Cipriani in September, which “Page Six” confidently described as “intimate.” While it’s true that their very blurry heads appear close together, it mostly looks like they are shouting to hear each other over loud club music. Could these extremely pixelated photos be evidence that they are “taking it slow”? Later that month, they were seen arriving at and leaving the same upscale Paris hotel within minutes of each other.

Further evidence that Gigi and Leo have occupied the same space arrived shortly after Halloween weekend, when they apparently took a party bus together to a costume party at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (He wore a “scary mask.”) And then, not a month later, “Page Six” photographers snapped the pair separately exiting Cipriani — their favorite restaurant group? — downtown on Friday night, along with one of Leo’s venture-capitalist friends. Sexy date or platonic business meeting? Who could say, though this does seem like a high volume of crossover activity for two people who aren’t hanging out. Unfortunately, the only way to set the record straight in situations like these is for the alleged couple to give us a little kiss, and while I am not sure we want that here … stay tuned, I guess?

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Gigi and Leo Seen Exiting the Same Restaurant