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9 Must-Have Products From Tatcha’s Early Black Friday Sale

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photo: Retailer

It’s a good day to be a Cut Shop reader, because the Japanese-inspired beauty brand Tatcha has given us an exclusive early-access code (NYMAG) to shop its Black Friday sale.

The brand, founded in 2009 by Vicky Tsai, is based on natural Japanese ingredients and the power of ritual. I’ve tried these products and can recommend them all — especially at a discounted rate. From the overnight repair serum in a cream to its silk sunscreen, these keep you glowing year round.

The sale officially opens up to non–Cut Shop readers on November 21 and ends on Thursday, December 1, so go ahead to tatcha.com and add to your cart some of our favorite items (that double as great luxury beauty gifts) before it’s too late.

Most repair serums come as serums, but this isn’t your average repair serum. It’s a serum and moisturizer, and it works overnight to repair the skin barrier. Some people like to use it in the morning as well; it’s that good. With ceramides and Japanese indigo extract, it soothes and calms irritated skin. It’s fantastic for sensitive skin.

A vitamin-C serum is a necessity year-round, and more radiant skin is on the other side of this purchase. The Violet-C Brightening Serum brightens the skin with just a few uses; it has been a huge help for hyperpigmentation on my darker skin. It works best at night, but if you opt to incorporate it into your morning routine, please don’t forget to follow it with sunscreen.

Winter breakouts are real. This clarifying mask will do its job quickly: A quick three minutes and you’re done. It gently exfoliates the skin with Japanese konjac, and it’s not hard like your normal clay mask. My favorite part of the experience is that it warms up as you’re rubbing it into your skin to open your pores. On recent vacations in severe heat, this has kept excess oils out of my skin and cleared my tiny breakouts.

Want softer and brighter skin for the winter? This mask blended with vitamin C and AHAs reveals a smoother complexion after just one use. Using it a few times a week will guarantee bright and smooth skin all winter long. It’s Tatcha’s signature purple and makes for a perfect selfie while it works on your skin.

There are moisturizers, then there is the Dewy Skin Cream — a cult favorite among beauty lovers, editors, and celebrities. It’s the perfect moisturizer for a day when it’s too hot to wear makeup and you want a natural glow and plump skin in the winter. (But if you have oily skin, this may not be what you want in the summertime because of the dewy finish it leaves.)

Can’t get enough dewiness? A sister product of the Dewy Skin Cream, this mist keeps you luminously glowy and hydrated. The travel size is great to carry in your purse. Need a post-lunch refresh? A few mists will have you looking like you just walked out the door. No dull faces this winter!

Another sister product of the Dewy Skin Cream is the Dewy Serum, because we can never have too much glow in the winter (or ever). This serum plumps the skin while leaving it with a dewy finish. It resurfaces the skin with Hadasei-3 lactic acid, and it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The Water Cream moisturizer is a lot lighter than the Dewy Cream and a preferred cream for warmer temps. A hydrating moisturizer that keeps the complexion smooth, this is what you reach for on balmy days for maximum hydration.

This sunscreen is the brand’s latest launch — a reformulation of Tatcha’s original sunscreen and already a promising favorite. The lightweight sunscreen passes the no-white-cast test, and it leaves skin with a subtle glow and nongreasy feeling. It’s blended with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, so it evens out your complexion and keeps skin hydrated.

9 Must-Have Products From Tatcha’s Early Black Friday Sale