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After Eight Years of Sex Diaries, There’s Not Much That Can Shock Alyssa Shelasky

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Mario Nicholas Torres

For the In Her Shoes podcast, we talk to women we love and admire (and some we just find interesting). And we certainly love our guest this week — she has been part of the Cut for almost as long as there’s been a Cut — Alyssa Shelasky. Shelasky is the contributor behind New York’s hugely popular Sex Diaries column, which was recently turned into an HBO docuseries that Shelasky produces and stars in.

In this episode of the podcast, Shelasky looks back on eight years of Sex Diaries with the Cut’s editor-in-chief, Lindsay Peoples, discussing the entries she still thinks about years later, how the language we use to talk (and write) about sex has evolved, the experience of turning the column into a TV show, and how she balances her many writing projects with motherhood.

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Looking Back on Eight Years of Sex Diaries