Robert Pattinson’s Potato Cleanse Sounds Horrible

Photo: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Every time Robert Pattinson says anything about his diet and/or exercise, skepticism is key. Last year, he had to correct the record after his claims about not working out before playing Batman went viral (he did, in fact, work out for his role as the caped crusader). Before that, he winked at rumors about his potentially airbrushed abs in New Moon. But there’s something about his most recent health revelation that seems too weird not to be true.

In a new interview with ES Magazine, Pattinson worried his hotel room might be haunted, saying, “I’m probably not seeing ghosts — it’s probably just because I’ve been drinking about 17 cups of coffee a day.” But that’s not the weird health revelation I’m talking about. No, that award goes to the claim that he once survived on potatoes for two weeks as part of a weight-loss detox. “Just boiled potatoes and Himalayan pink salt,” he said. “Apparently it’s a cleanse … you definitely lose weight.” The so-called “potato diet” has popped up a few times in the past four years, and it sounds … less than ideal.

Pattinson didn’t say when he began this all-starch diet, but he admitted it isn’t the only unconventional diet he’s attempted. He recalled trying keto, only to give up once he realized it meant he couldn’t drink beer. Noting that he’s “basically tried every fad you can think of,” the actor said the only thing he hadn’t done yet was “consistency.” He also seemed aware that diet culture can quickly turn on you, especially as it’s encouraged by “insidious” body standards in Hollywood. “Even if you’re just watching your calorie intake, it’s extraordinarily addictive — and you don’t quite realize how insidious it is until it’s too late,” he said.

No wonder the man once almost burned down his apartment while trying to make a hand-held pasta dish. If I had eaten nothing but potatoes for two weeks straight, I too would be desperate to get pasta in my mouth as quickly and easily as possible.

Robert Pattinson’s Potato Cleanse Sounds Like Hell