Ziwe and Lisa Rinna Brought RHOBH to Fashion Week

Photo: JULIEN DE ROSA/AFP via Getty Images

You can go ahead and add runway model to Ziwe’s lengthy resume. The comedian, talk show host, and budding fashion icon walked — or rather stomped down — her first runway show at Paris Fashion Week in Mugler’s Fall 2023 show. And, this being Mugler, she couldn’t help but bring the drama. Her appearance featured a brief interaction with audience member, and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna.

Ziwe is a very outspoken fan of both fashion and the Real Housewives franchise, so it’s not surprising to see her combine the two for her couture show debut. As seen in videos posted to social media, Ziwe emerged onto the catwalk wearing a black lace bra and corset set, with a tiny mini skirt and bolero and a sky-high pony, grabbed a mic and demanded to see Lisa Rinna. “Lisa Rinna,” she yelled, “Are you ready to own it, baby?” Rinna, who recently announced her departure from RHOBH, responded, “I fucking came out owning it, baby.” And with that, Ziwe took back the mic, declared she was going to “own it too,” and stomped back the way she came. Fans of RHOBH know this is a reference to Rinna’s beloved tagline, “I don’t have to buy it, ‘cause I already own it.” And while It might have lacked hyper-realistic animal heads and a crystal-covered Doja Cat, but Ziwe challenging Lisa Rinna with her own RHOBH tagline is definitely still a moment Bravo fans will never forget.

This also marks a moment in Ziwe and Rinna’s relationship, as the Bravo superfan hasn’t always been a fan of the reality star. Last summer, she reportedly tweeted, “As a character - Rinna has no clear motivation in any scene she is not grounded that’s why it doesn’t work!” I wonder what she though about Rinna’s motivation in the Mugler show.

Ziwe and Lisa Rinna Brought RHOBH to Paris Fashion Week