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Rude: Chris Evans Is Definitely in a Relationship

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Congratulations to Chris Evans, recently crowned Sexiest Man Alive and also, apparently, someone who’s been in a relationship for over a year. Several months after People reported that Evans has been dating actress Alba Baptista for the past 12 months, Evans posted a nauseatingly cute series of Instagram Stories for Valentine’s Day that left little doubt that he and Baptista are indeed together and in love. Yes, we are moving further and further from a reality where Lizzo and Chris Evans are dating. Yes, I am enraged.

Evans, on the other hand, has reportedly “never been happier.” Baptista is a Portuguese actress who recently starred in a show called Warrior Nun and also Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, a movie everyone’s mom keeps telling me is great. There are no details about how they met, whether she runs this Instagram account dedicated to his dog, or what she thought of his Buzz Lightyear chin, but I certainly intend to find out.

Putting my personal disappointment aside, it looks like Evans and Baptista have had a pretty nice year and a half together. Based on Evans’s Instagram Stories, they’ve done all kinds of fun activities: hiking, skiing, kissing, apple picking, carving pumpkins, traveling to Venice, sitting in the back of a car, playing Mario Bros., and drawing faces on each other’s chins. Maybe this year they can go on a double date?

Rude: Chris Evans Is Definitely in a Relationship