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Your 2023 Astrological Love Forecast

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For anyone not keeping track, Valentine’s Day happens during Aquarius season, which is perfect. (I mean, have you seen the Valentine’s Day aesthetic? The cherubs? The fuzzy hearts? Head-to-toe fuchsia? It’s camp, baby! And if there’s one zodiac sign that relishes kitsch, it’s most certainly Aquarius.) You see, Aquarius represents the people. The masses, the collective. And while Valentine’s Day is certainly (sort of?) about romance, this holiday is, well, should, also be about collective, universal appreciation, gratitude, and — of course — love. Listen, you’re here for a Valentine’s Day horoscope. Just stay with me, okay?

This year, Valentine’s Day will not only occur under a gorgeous Aquarius Sun but a vibrant and dynamic Sagittarius Moon as well. While the Sun illuminates external energy, the Moon reveals what’s going on behind the surface — or perhaps, in the case of this amorous holiday, between the sheets. Sagittarius is the last fire sign associated with adventure, discovery, and play, so don’t be afraid to get a little wild in the days ahead.

By the way, no matter which zodiac sign you were born under, you’ll be feeling this otherworldly energy on Valentine’s Day, so consider ways you can create your own adventure — key word being your. Whether you’re making romantic plans, organizing a Sex and the City cosplay night out, or just ignoring the day all together (love this for you!), the planets are encouraging you to relish being yourself by doing whatever it is you want, not how you think you’re supposed to celebrate this “holiday.”

Anyhoo, in honor of February 14, a present: Each zodiac sign’s love forecast for today through the rest of 2023. Oh, and don’t just read for your Sun sign — check out your Rising and Moon horoscopes as well. While the Sun represents your day-to-day experience, the Rising sign shows your perspective on reality as well as timing, which means the below dates may sync up quite literally with your life. Your Moon, on the other hand, represents your emotions, so this will show how you feel about your circumstance, which is especially meaningful when dealing with all things love (and lust). Not sure how to find your Sun, Moon, and Rising? Just enter your date, time, and location of birth into a natal chart calculator (I recommend TimePassages and, and check out our comprehensive birth chart guide for help interpreting your results.

Now, without further ado…


When it comes to matters of the heart, Aries — the first sign of the zodiac — is direct, straightforward, and … fast. For these fiery lovers, romance is always fueled by passion, and with Jupiter (the planet of expansion) continuing to move through Aries for the next several weeks, your love life is going to get even more, you guessed it, expansive. Whether you’re just starting something or taking things to the next level, more means more in 2023.


Taureans are truly physical beings. There is nothing that turns on celestial bulls more than tantalizing the senses: touch, sound, sight, smell, and (ahem) taste. But, recently, you’ve just been trying to find your footing. Since 2018, Uranus — the planet of shock and awe — has been cruising through your zodiac sign, destabilizing virtually every aspect of your life. Then, in late 2021, the North and South Nodes of destiny moved onto the Taurus-Scorpio axis, meaning every lunar and solar eclipse has been causing upheavals. So when will you catch a break?! On May 16, Jupiter (the planet of abundance) moves into your zodiac sign. Luck and fortune are on the way!


Gemini, you’re the energizer bunny of the zodiac, and even though Mars — the planet of action, determination, and libido — has been in your zodiac sign since literally August, you feel like you’re only just getting started! If your love life has been going through a lot of ups and downs, trust that the journey is the destination: With the planets on your side, you’re moving in exactly the right direction. Sound vague? Well, when Mars finally leaves your zodiac sign on March 25, you’ll have all the information you need.


You know that old expression “home is where the heart is”? This zodiac sign — symbolized by the crab — quite literally carries its domicile on it back. Safety and security are of the utmost importance to this water sign, and on March 7, Saturn (the planet of commitment) enters Pisces, another mushy-gushy water sign. What does that mean? Love lives are about to get serious for our Cancer friends, so for any single crabs seeking a plus-one, trust that love is on the way. If you’re in a relationship, get ready to take things to the next (read: more intense) level.


In traditional astrology, Leo is associated with the heart, so it’s no wonder these fierce fire signs simply love to be in love! And on March 23, for the first time in a casual 248 years, Pluto will step into Leo’s opposite sign (Aquarius), activating the partnership zone for the next 21 years! Pluto is all about long-term, large-scale transformation, so Leos should expect massive movements in their love life. But keep in mind that even though Pluto’s impact can unfold slowly, Leos may begin to feel the rumble of change within the next few weeks.


Virgos are rational, logical, and practical, which means they’ll be the first to admit that, when it comes to love and romance, the last few years have felt busted. Since the panini put everyone in a press, Virgos have been focused on work, routines, and really just regaining a sense of normalcy. But some exciting plenary shifts are taking place over the next few weeks: When Saturn shifts into Pisces (Virgo’s opposite sign), it will illuminate Virgo’s romantic-partnership zone in a big way. TL;DR: Things are about to get a lot more interesting.


Symbolized by the scales, no zodiac sign is associated with partnership more closely than Libra. This air sign is on an endless (quasi-existential?) mission to find the perfect, harmonious bond, which is obviously no easy feat. But with North and South Nodes moving onto the Aries-Libra axis at the end of April, eclipses are about to get very intriguing. Not to be dramatic, but expect life-changing events to happen this upcoming spring and autumn (your birthday season!), especially in the realm of love and romance. Whether you’re making up, breaking up, or starting something totally new, 2023 is a year you’ll never forget.


There’s no denying that Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, but even these shadow-dwelling arachnids need a break every now and then. Since 2021, the North and South Nodes have been occupying your zodiac sign, which means your romantic landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. While this story isn’t finished just yet, we’re beginning to find a little more normalcy. Keep an eye out for major developments taking place on May 5 and October 28 — these are the final chapters, and they’re guaranteed to be juicy.


Sagittarians are explorers. Symbolized by the archer, they are constantly seeking adventure, so it’s not easy for these wanderers to stay put. However, since August 2022, Mars (the planet of action, determination, and sexuality) has been moving across Sagittarius’s partnership zone, inviting these explorers to ask, What the hell am I actually looking for? Over the next few weeks, Sagittarians will continue refining their taste in romance, and by the time Mars changes gears on March 25, they will finally have a clear sense of direction.


Honestly, no one works harder than Capricorn. Ambitious and enterprising, Capricorn is determined to live their best life, which means this iconic earth sign isn’t easy to please. But even though Capricorns know they’re the masters of their own destinies, things have felt a bit challenging in the romance department. Fortunately, when Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16 and activates the area of Capricorn’s chart associated with love, romance, play, and creativity, there’s going to be a powerful (and much-needed) sea change for these sea goats.


Single? This very well may be the last Valentine’s Day you spend alone, Aquarius! Already coupled? Expect major changes to occur in your romantic life over the next several months. Mark your calendar for March 25: Whether you’re moving in, saying “I do,” or calling it quits, Pluto (the planet of transformation) is gliding into Aquarius’s domain for the first time since 1777, which is (to say the absolute least) a huge deal! While Pluto moves slowly, this shift is guaranteed to offer dramatic breakthroughs. You’re going to understand your wants, needs, and expectations like you never have before, so buckle up.


Generally speaking, Pisces’s lenses are rose-colored, and when it comes to their love life, this ethereal water sign likes to keep things nice and dreamy. While these attributes are what fairy tales are made of, it can make it hard for Pisces to actually commit. But that’s all about to change: On March 7, Saturn — the planet of responsibility and maturity — moves into Pisces’s sky, which means even the most otherworldly lovers are going to get a lot more grounded. In short: It’s time to get serious!

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