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Ben Affleck Found His Happy Place at a Dunkin’ Drive-Thru

Ben Affleck has taken a break from brooding at award shows to brood on more familiar territory: a drive-thru Dunkin’ Donuts in his home state of Massachusetts. Affleck’s highly anticipated Dunkin’ commercial premiered during the Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, proving once and for all that his very public love of Dunkin’ was really just a long con to live out his dream: being a cashier and handing out coffee to people running late for work.

His first 30 second spot with Dunkin’ aired in the first quarter of the game. Titled “Drive-Thru,” the ad showed an almost cheery Affleck greeting customers in a real Medford, MA, drive-thru. “You look a little lost,” he tells one. Another customer asked to take a selfie. Throughout the ad, Affleck’s Boston accent (made famous in Good Will Hunting) comes out even stronger. “How can it be this inexpensive and good?,” he wonders over the loudspeaker.

It wouldn’t be an Affleck ad without his spouse, Jennifer Lopez, also making an appearance. She appears at the end of the spot to call him out, “What are you doing here?” she says as she pulls up to the drive-thu window. “Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?”

At the time of this post, only one ad has aired. However, if you go to the Dunkin’ YouTube page, you’ll find four other spots starring the Oscar winner, which show a bit more of Affleck interacting with the everyday customers.

I guess now we know where Affleck goes in his mind when he looks like he’s pondering the futile nature of life and love: he’s at the local Dunkin’.

Ben Affleck Found His Happy Place at a Dunkin’ Drive-Thru