Why Doesn’t Anyone Believe Leo Could Date Someone Older Than 25?

He could date someone older than 25 if he wanted to. Photo: Hector Vivas/LatinContent via Getty Images

Poor old Leo. Here he is “looking for something more mature in the relationship department,” according to an anonymous source who spoke with the Daily Mail. But all anyone ever says is “Leonardo DiCaprio won’t date anyone over the age of 25,” as if they hadn’t just seen him at Cipriani with Gigi Hadid — who is 27, for the record — on a handful of occasions. Leo (48) has heard your little jokes, and he is “not pleased” by them at all. In fact, “Leo is very single right now,” the source explains, and “not keen on the hype suggesting that he is seeking out these very young women.” It’s actually getting “ridiculous” at this point, the source continued, because Leo “cannot go anywhere without being linked to the youngest beautiful woman there.” Oh no!

“He wants to ditch this image once and for all, and he is really bothered that this continues to follow him,” our informant tells the tabloid. “Leo wants something like he had with Camila, something real.”

Camila is Camila Morrone, the model Leo dated for four years before they split over the summer around the time Morrone turned 25. Since then, the paparazzi have spotted him out on the town in the vicinity of Hadid (again, 27), at the club with a 23-year-old, and recently, sitting next to 19-year-old model Eden Polani at a record-release party. When the Mail published those photos, many people rudely assumed that he and Polani were on a date, which Leo did not appreciate.

I mean, okay, yes: He has been linked to women that young in the past — Juliette Perkins, 19, was one in a string of models the actor took out to dinner and to the mall before he got together with Morrone. But he was a younger man then (43). He has since grown up! And just because he hasn’t ever dated a woman who is more than half his age doesn’t mean he never could. Leo is perfectly capable of dating a woman older than 25. He could date a woman over 25 in a heartbeat if he wanted to.

Which is, I’m pretty sure, what the people making this joke (me) are saying. If he wants to buck the statistics and change his reputation, he should consider spending time in a different age bracket. He should simply date an older woman if that’s what he wants to do. Dare to dream, Leo! Dare to dream.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Believe Leo Could Date Someone Over 25?