Are You Really Surprised EmRata and Harry Styles Are Kissing?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Getty Images

Looks like Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles are living their best lives and injecting a dose of chaos into all of ours. Over the weekend, videos of the duo hanging out in Japan made the rounds on social media. And what were they up to? Making out like teenagers and dancing to John Legend in the streets of Tokyo, of course.

Styles, who was in Japan as part of his world tour, reportedly split from Olivia Wilde last year after two years together. And since breaking up with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in September, EmRata has dated (or, at the very least, attended Thanksgiving dinner and sat courtside at a Knicks game with) Pete Davidson. In February, comedian Eric Andre posted a steamy Valentine’s Day mirror selfie of the two of them naked in a bizarrely decorated apartment. And all evidence continues to suggest that EmRata is out here having fun and living her life. Even John Legend seemed to vibe with the makeout.

Unfortunately, the make out sesh might be the cause of drama between Wilde and Emrata. A source reportedly told “Page Six” that Ratajkowski is “begging” for Wilde’s forgiveness after kissing her ex. “This is a betrayal,” the source said (rather dramatically, I imagine).

While Emrata and Wilde aren’t known to be close friends, they are friendly. In June they were seen dancing and singing together at Styles’s concert in Paris. A few months later when the “drama” of the Don’t Worry Darling press tour had everyone worrying, darling, EmRata stuck up for the director and actress, saying she felt “very protective” of her. And as recently as a few weeks ago, the women were spotted hanging out during the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Page Six” reported that in a 2014 interview Styles said his celebrity crush was EmRata, so no matter how things shake out for everyone involved, one thing remains true for the rest of us: We need to keep manifesting.

Are You Really Surprised EmRata and Harry Styles Made Out?