Rick Ross’s Buffalo Cannot Be Contained

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

If you see any of Rick Ross’s buffalo wandering around Georgia, please don’t be alarmed. In fact, maybe you should start keeping some carrots in your tote to feed them, just in case? At least, that is what the rapper and beauty mogul would prefer, following a recent bison saga at his Fayetteville, Georgia, ranch.

Ross, who is something of a homesteader (see this video of him gleefully chopping down trees with an enormous chainsaw), recently shared with his Instagram followers that two buffalo — also known as bison — had arrived at his Georgia compound, where there was already a bull and two horses. He appears to have named one of the buffalo Timbuktu, though the other’s name remains unknown. Apparently, one of Ross’s business partners was inspired by a conversation he had with Ross at his birthday party and sent these two sweet, hairy boys as a gift. The gifter told TMZ, “I wanted to get him a giraffe, but he said he wasn’t ready for that commitment.”

Unfortunately, there’s one little snag: The buffalo seem to find Ross’s 280-acre property a total snooze and they keep wandering off to explore the Georgian countryside. According to TMZ, Ross’s neighbor is really stressed out by the fact that Timbuktu and his buddy have ventured onto her property twice now, tearing up her yard and scaring her children.

She’s not the only one concerned about these bold big guys. According to a Facebook post from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Ross’s buffalo have been wandering around town, chomping on the lawns of many unsuspecting Northbridge residents. While buffalo are usually docile, the sheriff urged caution, since they’re a bit unpredictable and can become aggressive. Eventually, they were returned to Ross’s property, and he took to Instagram on Sunday to thank his community for “making sure all my animals got back into the Promise Land.” (That’s what he calls his ranchful of big animals, because duh.) As explanation for their escape, he offered a few sage words: “You gotta get loose sometimes and see the other side.”

So far, Ross does not seem super-interested in reining in his buffalo; he simply advised his neighbors and the world, “When you see my buffalo, give it a carrot, give it an apple. They so kind, they so peaceful.” On Tuesday, he posted more videos of himself feeding carrots and apples to the horses and buffalo, perhaps as evidence of their gentle ways and snack preferences.

Rick Ross’s Buffalo Cannot Be Contained