We’re Answering Even More Pressing Etiquette Questions

Photo: New York Magazine

When we embarked on building an etiquette guide for the magazine, we worried the whole time about what we were missing. We spent ages debating, and we talked to dozens of people, making sure we covered everything — dating, parenting, tweeting, hosting.

We did a pretty good job, if we say so ourselves, and that guide inspired debate, passion, sometimes a little rage.

But then, after we published, we started corresponding with our longtime subscribers in a limited-run newsletter called The New York Helpline, designed to solve their own social quandaries. That’s when we learned that in the wacky world of human behavior, there’s always more etiquette to discuss.

Our subscribers wrote in with questions, suggestions, and complaints from every corner of human interaction, like:

• If I order four bagels, and they are bagged and handed to me, is a tip necessary?
• How do I politely refuse the “Do you have a moment for the environment?” people?
• Should I scold the influencers who don’t use seat belts for their kids?
• Is a man supposed to walk a woman home after a date?
• What do you do when someone accidentally sends you a rude text about you?

Do you need the answers to these questions — along with many, many more? Until March 26, new subscribers to New York will have the chance to read The New York Helpline. Subscribe here and join the fun.

We’re Answering Even More Pressing Etiquette Questions