Sarah Snook Is Pregnant

Photo: Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images

The press tour for Succession’s fourth and final season is the gift that keeps on giving: Nicholas Braun revealed he “sobbed” after filming the end of the HBO series, Brian Cox is happy to avoid the “American inclination” to milk a show “for all its worth,” and Braun and Cox did tiny Solo-cup shots together on the red carpet. Now, in a particularly heartwarming moment of pre-series hype, Sarah Snook — a.k.a. Shiv Roy — revealed during Monday night’s premiere that she and her husband, comedian Dave Lawson, are expecting their first child together.

“It’s exciting! I feel great,” Snook told Entertainment Tonight at Jazz at Lincoln Center, where she debuted her bump in a form-fitting black one-piece and a long silvery cardigan. Sharing that she’s currently 32 weeks along, Snook confirmed she was pregnant while filming season four, though fans of the show probably won’t be able to tell: The actor said her bump isn’t “super-big” onscreen.

Snook and Lawson got married in an intimate backyard ceremony in 2021 with Snook telling Vogue Australia that the two had been “best mates” for several years before they “fell in love” while quarantining together in the early months of the pandemic. Per People, it’s doubtful they’ll be taking any parental advice from Shiv or the Roy family: “I don’t know if the Roy family are a paragon of family values … I don’t think we could be looking up to them for guidance,” Snook said. I should certainly hope not.

Sarah Snook Is Pregnant