The Crown’s Hot Prince William Just Dropped

Hello! Photo: Andrew Milligan - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Awooga! The Crown has found a very hot head to play a younger version of alleged hothead Prince William, who — if you will cast your brain back to 2001 with me — was a real looker in his uni days. Certain readers may be hemming and hawing at my use of the past tense, gesturing wildly toward a particular 2021 study that crowned him the World’s Sexiest Bald Man, and to each their own. I, however, am talking about the Wills whom tabloids described as “the royal hunk”; whose image teens (including, maybe possibly, his future wife?) taped to their walls; who looked like the face on an Abercrombie bag; and who will be portrayed by Ed McVey in The Crown’s sixth and final season. McVey is pictured left at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where the prince of Wales met said future wife, Kate Middleton (played by Meg Bellamy), as a student.

Compare that pic — the tousled blond hair, the angular jaw — to this one, in which Will’s “famous resemblance” (as Prince Harry recently put it, in a layered dig) to Princess Diana is on full display:

Bring back the cheeky gold bracelet. Photo: Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A pretty one-to-one match, no? People accuse The Crown of playing it fast and loose with the facts, but sometimes — with Tampongate, as with Hot Prince William — it really gets the story right.

The Crown’s Hot Prince William Just Dropped