Bill Hader and Ali Wong Are Dating for the Second Time

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Getty Images

Based on the available evidence, I can only conclude that Bill Hader is an extremely eligible bachelor — especially if Rachel Bilson’s recent comments about what she misses most about him are to be believed. As such, I was not surprised to hear that, following relationships with Bilson and Anna Kendrick, Hader is now dating another hot, buzzy entertainer: Ali Wong.

However, I was surprised to hear that Hader is dating Ali Wong … again. Yes, apparently these two dated at some point last year, presumably after January 2022 (when Hader was dating Kendrick) and, per “Page Six,” “at least two months” before December. Before we begin our sex math calculations, there is also the fact that news of Wong’s divorce from her husband of eight years, Justin Hakuta, went public in April 2022. That leaves about four months for Wong and Hader to have a post-divorce, pre-relationship fling. News to me!

Now, it seems, they have reunited for a more serious relationship. After Hader referred to his “girlfriend” in a recent interview with Collider, his rep confirmed to “Page Six” that he was referring to Wong, whom he said he recently traveled to San Francisco with. Congratulations to her for trapping the Don Juan of comedy.

Bill Hader and Ali Wong Are Dating for the Second Time