Jeff Bezos Attempts to Blend in at Coachella

Photo: JATE/Shotbyjuliann / BACKGRID

It is with great regret that I must draw your attention to Jeff Bezos and his outfit at Coachella. It seems the billionaire has traded in his patterned suit jackets and sleeveless puffer vests for something more casual, if you will — something that’s left one of the richest men on the face of the Earth looking like he’s been stuck on the island of Lotus-eaters since 1989.

Of course, I’m always rooting for people to experiment with their style and wear what feels authentic to them, free of judgment, but given Amazon’s history of union-busting, polluting, and silencing employees, perhaps we can be given a pass to take a look at the e-comm magnate’s departure from his typical fashion formula. From his unbuttoned, butterfly-patterned shirt to his crumpled skinny jeans to his AF1-lookalike shoes, one might expect a man worth $131 billion to wear something … different. He’s often pictures in what I like to call “Modern Miami Vice,” which translates to tightly tailored jeans, sometimes patterned or white, and snug polo shirts. Of course, Coachella is where the young, wild, and free gather to be all three of those adjectives, so it’s understandable if Bezos wanted to cosplay the part. Some might have expected him to lean into the very buzzy “stealth wealth” aesthetic, but I think he should’ve taken note from the Pedro Pascal school of internet zaddy dressing: casual, but still cutting edge.

Do you think Bezos wore this outfit to see Zendaya join Labrinth onstage? Or was this the fit for reina Rosalía? Was he wearing these jeans when he found out Frank Ocean dropped out of weekend two? And most importantly, do you think it’s all linked in his Amazon storefront?

Jeff Bezos Attempts to Blend in at Coachella