Lili Reinhart Is Kissing a New Guy

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Image

It’s been four years since Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse broke up after posing in a toxic wasteland together, yet, much like the plot of Riverdale, their relationship continues to haunt and perplex us all. On Monday, Reinhart was spotted kissing TikTok star and actor Jack Martin outside LAX before a United flight, suggesting Reinhart is ready to move on — except, oh, wait, Martin happens to look a lot like Sprouse.

Page Six” correctly pointed out that Martin “bares a slight resemblance” to Sprouse, though the sentiment is much stronger in his TikTok comments, where he’s been called a “Cole Sprouse dupe.” Reinhart may just have a type, but I sense there’s another reason she’s attracted to a guy who looks like her ex’s distant cousin: Martin seems to have capitalized on his resemblance to Sprouse by making fun of him online. He’s parodied Riverdale on his popular TikTok account, and last month, he re-created Sprouse’s cringey Call Her Daddy appearance in March. Remember that? Sprouse smoked cigarettes inside, talked at length about how he should be allowed to smoke cigarettes inside, and said he should have “exercised a bit more selfishness” in his relationship with Reinhart. Although he claimed they both “did quite a bit of damage to each other,” the interview gave a lot of people the impression that he is actually a huge asshole.

Martin’s interpretation of the podcast appearance is frankly pretty spot on: Dressed as Spouse in an almost entirely unbuttoned shirt and speaking through four unlit cigarettes stuffed into his mouth, he called the end of the relationship “her fucking fault completely.”

It’s unclear if Reinhart started dating Martin before or after he started making fun of her ex, but I say good for her. Another creative way to get back at your ex in the books!

Lili Reinhart Is Kissing a New Guy