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Dating Pete Davidson Is Reportedly a ‘Very Sacred’ Experience

I bet it is Photo: Rosalind O’Connor/Peacock via Getty Images

Some things are sacred, yes, but what are those things? The coveted hunk of Scottish sandstone that groans under the weight of a real king’s ass — that’s one on which I think we can all agree. Ditto the inner sanctum of one’s mind palace, drawbridge pulled up against the unwanted intrusions of concepts like that monkey NFT or chicken cooked in NyQuil. Actor Chase Sui Wonders says that the experience of dating Pete Davidson is also sacred, and I will have to take her word for it, as I am one of few people in New York City who has not dated Pete Davidson. Wonders currently is dating him, though, and told Nylon, “We talk about everything, and we are very open with each other about everything. It feels like what’s happening in our relationship is very sacred.”

What is happening in their relationship, I wonder? It’s been a minute since we talked about it. Wonders and Davidson ostensibly met on the set of Bodies Bodies Bodies and were seen eating pierogis together in Brooklyn shortly after Davidson and model Emily Ratajkowski ended their fling in December. Davidson was reportedly “bummed” about that split, which came shortly after his and EmRata’s debut at a Knicks game, but soon enough he and Wonders upgraded platonic-looking Whole Foods runs to kissing in Hawaii and cuddling at a sports game and touching at an amusement park. Cute, sure, but also familiar: Before EmRata, there was Davidson’s Met Gala–confirmed relationship with Kim Kardashian, about which the world learned when photos of the pair riding a roller coaster at Knott’s Scary Farm — their fingers clasped in fear or flirting — went viral in October 2021. Before Kim, Davidson was seen buying groceries in the romantic sense with Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor, an outing the Daily Mail immortalized with no fewer than 57 paparazzi photos. Before Dynevor, there were vacations with Kaia Gerber (Miami) and Margaret Qualley (Venice), and passionate tongue-play with Kate Beckinsale at a Rangers game.

All of which to say: The man has patterns. What makes the Wonders-Davidson alliance especially bless’t, I’m not sure. By way of elaboration, Wonders offered only that dating in the spotlight felt “like a video game,” whatever that means, and so I am forced to conclude that sacred is a subjective state. Is it dating Pete Davidson? For at least one person. Is it the supposed “10 inches” his former fiancé, Ariana Grande, once claimed he was packing? For some, maybe yeah. Is it holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm? Absolutely, across the board, yes <3.

Dating Pete Davidson Reportedly a ‘Very Sacred’ Experience