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Another Eclipse Is Coming to Wreak Astrological Havoc

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Just two weeks after the solar eclipse in Aries, the cosmos are at it again — this time serving up a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on Friday, May 5. So what does that mean? Read on, friend, for everything you need to know about the upcoming lunar eclipse.

Wait, remind me: What’s an eclipse again?

For thousands of years, eclipses have been associated with transformation, change, and large-scale metamorphosis. Technically speaking, eclipses occur when the sun, moon, and Earth meet in perfect alignment, which happens when the moon reaches the lunar nodes (the highest or lowest point of the moon’s orbit). When the moon touches this threshold, it creates either a solar eclipse (when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, temporarily blocking the sun) or a lunar eclipse (when the Earth passes between the sun and moon, turning the moon a tawny red).

Because eclipses are activated by the lunar nodes — referred to in astrology as the north node and south node, respectively — eclipses are considered energetic portals that bring about major shifts in our lives. They’re often associated with endings, beginnings, and massive turning points. And, because they always travel in pairs (quick reminder that the solar eclipse in Aries was on April 20!), eclipse season has its own special classification as a strange and magical time filled with lots of … well, unprecedented and totally unexpected metamorphosis.

Another thing to know about eclipses is that they’re always part of a “series.” For approximately one and a half to two years, multiple eclipses (between six and nine in total) will occur on the same zodiacal axis (consisting of two opposite signs). Likewise, each eclipse is part of an ongoing story that unfolds slowly over time. While each eclipse is dramatic on its own, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Stay with me here.

So what should I know about this eclipse?

The upcoming lunar eclipse in Scorpio is the penultimate eclipse of the Taurus-Scorpio series that started way back in 2021. (The dates for the previous eclipses in this series are November 19, 2021; April 30, 2022; May 16, 2022; October 25, 2022; and November 8, 2022.) I think of Taurus-Scorpio as the “life-death axis:” Taurus season occurs in the northern hemisphere’s spring (when everything begins to bloom), whereas Scorpio season takes place in the fall (when the days get shorter and nature falls into hibernation and decay). But this is, of course, a full 360-degree cycle. There’s always an undulation, a wax and wane, a sunrise and sunset, an arrival and departure.

This upcoming lunar eclipse offers an incredible opportunity to reflect on what large-scale changes the Taurus-Scorpio series has illuminated over the past 18 months and how this life-death axis has played out in your life. Keep in mind that while people with planets or placements in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may have been most shaken up by this particular eclipse series, everyone has every zodiac sign somewhere in their birth chart, meaning each individual has their own, unique eclipse story to unfold.

What should I do?

Although I don’t recommend manifesting or performing elaborate rituals during the lunar eclipse (the energy is way too chaotic and volatile!), there are plenty of ways to honor the eclipse. Because the moon (representing emotions) will experience a vibrant metamorphosis — shifting from silver to red — this upcoming lunar eclipse in mysterious Scorpio has the potential to catalyze a powerful internal transformation; an opportunity to connect with your feelings from a totally different perspective. Accordingly, this is an excellent time to consider how you’ve changed since 2021 on an internal level. How have your hopes and dreams evolved over the past 18 months? Do you process your feelings differently? What are your fears? What nourishes your soul?

Make sure you allocate plenty of time to rest, reflect, and restore. Drink water, stretch, and connect with the most important person you know — yourself. As you surrender to the eclipse’s choppy waters, remember that you’re being (not so gently) guided to your destiny. You may not know what’s next, but trust that in due time, everything will become perfectly clear. And you’ll be better off for it.

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