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Bring Back the Pee Politician

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In light of recent news regarding a certain fictional horny PR maven and her highly implausible but triumphant return, many of us are wondering who else from the Sex and the City universe will resurface in season two of the show’s reboot, And Just Like That …. Also sensing there are holes to be filled in this revival: John Slattery, the silver-haired Mad Men guy who played Carrie’s politician boyfriend Bill Kelley. Remember Bill Kelley? Carrie broke up with him because he wanted her to pee on him during sex, a proposal that scandalized and disgusted her even though she allegedly wrote about sex for a living. As frustrating as that was, their dalliance did give us the incredible episode title “Politically Erect,” and Kelley claimed his rightful place in the canon as SATC’s kinkiest boyfriend.

Luckily, Slattery is not only willing to resurrect his character, he is ready. During a press tour for his upcoming movie Maggie Moore(s), Slattery was asked if he would consider an AJLT comeback. “Absolutely, in a hot second,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Why not?” Ever the smooth talker, he even pitched a new arc for Kelley, suggesting that this man could be our city’s next mayor. Fantastic idea. Maybe he would like to film an episode inside Zero Bond? And just imagine the outfits Carrie would whip up as First Lady of New York. Cockroach purse, here we come!

Given that And Just Like That … is dragging poor Aidan back into Carrie’s life for more psychologically taxing relationship drama, I see no reason not to invite Kelley to take a second shot. In fact, maybe it’s high time we consult other members of the SATC boyfriend club on whether they, too, would like to reprise their roles as New York bachelors. I have a few more ideas about which other men from Carrie’s sexual past might be worth digging up …

  • Sean, a.k.a. Bisexual Guy. Carrie spends an entire episode trying to prove to Sean, the boyfriend whose bisexuality confused and distressed her 30 years prior, that she understands and embraces the full spectrum of sexuality. She even introduces him to Che Diaz! At the end, though, he reveals he’s ethically nonmonogamous, sending her back to square one.
  • Wade, a.k.a. Comics Guy. Wade, the fella who worked at a comic-book store and lived with his parents, is now a moderately successful contemporary artist showing at Frieze. Charlotte asks Carrie to get her an in so she can commission a custom piece for Harry’s birthday but ends up feeling so anxious about the optics of buying something from a white male artist that she doesn’t go through with it.
  • Ray King, a.k.a Jazz Guy. Having abandoned his dreams as an itinerant bassist, Ray is enjoying the stability and cushy income of life as a Spotify exec. He wants to revamp Carrie’s podcast, but the deal falls apart when he finds out Che Diaz hates jazz.
  • Bon Jovi, a.k.a. Bon Jovi. Having found a better therapist who does not allow him to pick up women in the waiting room, Bon Jovi’s character (his name is Seth, but that’s neither here nor there) bumps into Carrie with his son, played of course by his real son Jake Bongiovi. They meet up for spaghetti — perhaps a product-placement opportunity for Jon Bongiovi Sr.’s sauce line? — but Bon Jovi is so in touch with his feelings that Carrie is immediately turned off. She can’t help but wonder, Will she ever find someone as emotionally unavailable as Mr. Big?

Some things to consider for season three!

Bring Back the Pee Politician