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Hey, Fashion Friend: What’s the Best Approach to Styling a Bikini?

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Bikini styling is inherently at the mercy of the environment in which bikinis are typically worn: namely, outside, and often in the presence of water and intense sunlight. Throw trillions of particles of sand into the mix — not to mention sunscreen residue — and you’ve got yourself a really interesting challenge. Needless to say, it probably isn’t the best time to whip out your expensive suede shoes or a special-occasion silk top. While that might be obvious, other aspects of this particular styling equation are less so. For example: How does one concoct a thoughtful “look” around what are essentially two scraps of waterproof fabric without cosplaying as a Love Island contestant en route to a group date?

Keep scrolling for some pointers.

When you are starting with a bathing-suit top

Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton

For bikini-top-centric styling, opt for a sarong, shorts, or beach-y pants (i.e., anything made out of light cotton or linen) on the bottom.

Make sure whatever you choose is comfortable, ideally with a waistband that doesn’t leave any unwelcome marks or indentations around your stomach since you’ll likely be baring your midriff at various intervals.

Add a necklace or ankle bracelet

Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton

I like to keep my accessories simple when I’m at the beach or pool and usually limit myself to just one item of jewelry so I don’t have too much to keep track of when I shed layers to go swimming. A necklace is always a reliable choice given that you’re already showing off your bikini top, but an anklet can be a great surprise alternative, especially if you’re wearing shoes that you want to draw attention to.

Finish things off with sunglasses

And a hat or headscarf.

Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton

When you are starting with a fun bathing-suit bottom

Your lower half deserves its time in the sun, too — hence the occasional leg-baring bikini ensemble.

Layering a tank or tube top and a short-sleeved button-down over a bikini is one of my go-to templates for this scenario.


Pair with an oversize top

Wearing an oversize button-down or pajama shirt (either short-sleeved or long-sleeved) alone works too, either styled loose like a minidress or knotted near your navel with a simple piece of jewelry.

Add a (flat) colorful shoe

Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton

There’s a lot of room to play with in terms of footwear here, but personally, I’m not a fan of heels or wedges with a swimsuit.

Flats are the move — either a strappy leather sandal or something practical like Birkenstocks or Tevas in a fun color.

When the focus is a full-coverage look

From left: Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-AntonPhoto: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton
From top: Photo: Courtesy of Harling Ross-AntonPhoto: Courtesy of Harling Ross-Anton

When cultivating a fuller-coverage pool or beach look, I like to get creative about how to still make the bikini a cohesive part of the outfit. That aim can manifest in a variety of ways, from colorful straps peeking out from underneath my tank top to showing off a high-waist silhouette through a slightly transparent cover-up. The idea is to be clothed enough that I could sit down for lunch at a beachside restaurant, but not to the extent that what I’m wearing veers into fussy or impractical territory.

Let’s put it like this: After washing down my last French fry with a sip of spritz, I should subsequently be able to take a nap on my stomach in the sand without a second thought.

No shoes needed

It’s a barefoot-boy-summer after all, right?

Hey, Fashion Friend: What’s the Best Way to Style a Bikini?