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Looks Like Shakira’s a Formula 1 Girl Now

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Earlier this month, Shakira was spotted at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, since apparently everyone is into F1 now, but given mounting photographic evidence of the singer hanging out with driver Lewis Hamilton, we are wondering: Is this fandom, or is it flirting? According to one of People’s sources, it may be the latter. Shakira and Hamilton are “spending time together and in the ‘getting to know you’ stage,” this unnamed individual — who purportedly knows both parties — told the magazine, describing the situation as “fun and flirty.”

The dating rumors began in late May, when the singer — who separated from her ex (Spanish former soccer player Gerard Piqué) last year, as you may remember from her A+ breakup song — attended the Miami Grand Prix, where Hamilton was racing. There, she was seen chatting it up with Tom Cruise, which may actually have amounted to her “begging” him to stop hitting on her. Days later, she was hanging out with Hamilton on a boat. And after watching the Barcelona race, she and Hamilton had dinner with friends — including singers Daniel Caesar and Mustafa. In a photo from the outing, posted to Mustafa’s Instagram and published by “Page Six,” Hamilton has his arm wrapped around Shakira’s waist.

That could absolutely be platonic, but as fans have since noted on Twitter, Hamilton himself said in an interview before racing in Barcelona, “I need to find myself a Latina.” His teammate then added that Hamilton has “been single for far too long now.” Interesting! Have I seen a single F1 race before? No, but now that Shakira’s into it, I am too.

Looks Like Shakira Is a Formula 1 Girl Now