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Your Summer Plans, Astrologically Speaking

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Summer officially begins on Wednesday, June 21, with the summer solstice, and there’s no denying that this season evokes different energy, vibrations, and — from an astrological perspective — magick. Corresponding with the beginning of Cancer season, the summer solstice is considered a powerful, transformative day. Solstice, by the way, literally means “sun” (sol) “sits” (stit: stopped, stationary). On this day, the beautiful sun hangs heavy in the sky, reaching its maximum declination and yielding the longest day of the year. So what does this all mean for you? Read on for your guide to the summer solstice as well as your summer-solstice horoscopes based on your zodiac sign!

Wait, what does the summer solstice symbolize?

The start of summer, yes, but also the triumph of light over dark: It brings the longest hours of daylight in the year. The summer solstice is considered a significant turning point during which the veil between the physical and spiritual realms thins out, making it a powerful day to perform rituals, manifestations, and ceremonies that harness the mystical energy of the solstice.

So how can I celebrate the summer solstice?

In astrology, the sun is strongly associated with identity. As we bask in the (UV) rays on the summer solstice, we’re presented with an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, fortitude, and truths. What are you proud of? What are you grateful for? What brings you joy? During the summer solstice, carve out time to reflect on what fills your cup; the more we connect with this energy, the easier it will be to generate more of it.

Other IRL ways to honor the summer solstice are through bonfires, nature walks, outdoor meditations, making flower crowns or wreaths, or preparing a home-cooked meal to share with others. Fundamentally, the summer solstice is a powerful time to connect with abundance and prosperity and to relish in the sublime fortitude of simply being alive. It’s an excellent time to move a little slower, embrace the beauty of the natural world, and celebrate the interconnectedness of all things.

And finally, what’s my summer-solstice horoscope?

  • Aries: As the sun cruises into Cancer — the water sign connected to the home and family — you’re focused on defining what structure and stability mean for you. Does security mean a regular paycheck? Solid relationships? Moving to the middle of the woods? You decide! Bonus: By mapping out your personal goals, you’ll begin to discover how your priorities have shifted over the years. And when you step back, one thing becomes perfectly clear: You’re maturing at rapid speeds! Keep at it.
  • Taurus: As the days get warmer and the sun illuminates the area of your chart associated with friendship and communication, you’re inspired to connect with your community in new ways. Make a coffee date with an old pal, accept that team-building happy-hour invite, or propose IRL plans with that person you just swiped left on. You’ll feel inspired to forge all types of connections … but be sure to unfollow or mute any accounts that give you bad feelings. There’s literally no reason to clog your feed with anyone who makes you feel less than fabulous.
  • Gemini: Alas, all good things must come to an end. After many weeks of celebrating your birthday — or as you most definitely put it, birth month — the Sun’s shift into Cancer kicks off a new astrological season. Fittingly, this celestial pivot activates the area of your chart connected to personal finances, so your awareness will be shifting from party hats to bank statements. Now, you’ll discover there’s a difference between spending cash and making investments.
  • Cancer: Happy birthday! With the brightest star shining the light on you, you’ll be energetically charged by the warm solar rays. This is an excellent time for both celebration and reflection. What has changed in your life over the past 12 months? How have you evolved? You may not always see the transformation while it’s taking place, but through thoughtful consideration, you’ll find your personal growth will become strikingly clear.
  • Leo: Let’s be honest — even though the sun just entered Cancer, you’re already preparing for your birthday later this summer. So why not take a little inventory? What are your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the year ahead? What do you need to purge in order to clear space for these exciting new goals? The sun is now in the area of your chart associated with reflection, meditation, and deep psychological inquiry, so before you blow out your candles, be sure to let go of whatever no longer serves you.
  • Virgo: The sun’s movement into Cancer highlights the area of your chart associated with extended networks, inspiring you to expand your reach. Likewise, this is an excellent time to invest in your extended network. Are you trying to scale a business? Grow your TikTok following? Find a community of like-minded people who share your interests? This is the time for you to be heard, so don’t be afraid to grab a microphone, metaphorical or otherwise.
  • Libra: Although summer is often the time to slap on the OOO and disappear, this new seasonal energy inspires you to double down on your professional achievements. As the sun moves into Cancer, it illuminates the area of your chart associated with legacy, career, and big-picture accolades. If you’ve found yourself settling into complacency, don’t be surprised if your chart is electrified by a (much needed!) boost of energy. What do you want to accomplish? And how are you going to get there?
  • Scorpio: The sun’s road trip into Cancer activates the area of your chart associated with travel, exploration, and philosophy, so start packing your bags. What’s that? Didn’t budget for a European vacation? No problem. Whether you’re taking a nearby day trip, enrolling in a fun workshop, or enjoying some late-night philosophical conversations, there are plenty of ways to expand your definition of discovery.
  • Sagittarius: Your intimacy zone is illuminated by the sun’s motion into Cancer, which means it’s the perfect time to reconnect with … yourself. Think about it: Any unfinished business keeping you up at night? Emotional debt? Unresolved trauma? These are big feels, Sagittarius, but don’t let them drag you down. It’s summer, after all! For the next few weeks, be gentle with yourself. You’re more sensitive than usual, so try not to put yourself in any situations that may feel destabilizing.
  • Capricorn: For you, Capricorn, summer means it’s time to lock in your plus-one! In astrology, Cancer is your 180-degree opposite, which means the sun’s movement into this sign activates the area of your chart associated with relationships. This is an excellent time to take your bonds to the next level. Whether you’re getting serious with a romantic partner, signing business papers with a co-founder, or moving into a new apartment with a roommate, the next few weeks are about thinking in pairs. Just be sure to consider what each individual brings to the table. Remember — it’s not a balanced equation if you’re doing all the work!
  • Aquarius: With the sun moving into the area of your chart associated with health and habits, now is the time to consider how you’re actually spending your time. How are your day-to-day experiences impacting all areas of your life? Sure, focusing on calendar management may seem somewhat dull, but trust that even the most mundane-seeming choices inform how you live your entire life. Structure doesn’t have to be stifling — it can actually be inspiring!
  • Pisces: Over the next few weeks, find ways to support your powerful imagination and creativity. The sun’s movement into Cancer (a like-minded water sign) will light up the area of your chart associated with passion, art, and self-expression. Write poems, take photographs, or find your way onto a (karaoke) stage. And as you lean further into your artistic sensibilities, don’t be surprised if you attract the attention of a romantic interest (or two). Love is in the air, Pisces.

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Your Summer Plans, Astrologically Speaking