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And Just Like That … Finds Its Fashion Footing

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

It’s my life practice to forgive myself for who I am and what I wear during cold weather. In New York, we must do what it takes to simply survive (absolutely no thriving will be done apart from the cheerfulness of December). Perhaps it might be time to extend that same grace to the characters of And Just Like That …, or at the very least to the costume department.

These characters just survived a tumultuous, chilling season of life. Miranda was tugged around (cross-country no less!) by a struggling comic, Carrie is working through the loss of her husband (whom she might now think was a big mistake), and Charlotte has to take care of two children who are both a little bratty (sorry!) in a phase of life where they could care less about her (one got her so high she went to the ER) and a husband who might as well be a child himself. Maybe we should forgive them, too, for who they were and what they wore during the winter — or whatever season it is supposed to be at this point in the series.

By episode nine, it seems that each of these characters has slowly thawed with the changing season and melted back into clothing that they might actually wear. Carrie’s back in her simpler (for her, anyway) outfits. Her A-line floral dress paired with a navy cardigan and woven beret is reminiscent of the real Carrie, mostly the one who threw her job and life away in New York to run away to Paris with a sometimes-cruel Russian artist. Miranda is back in her blazers right where she belongs and Charlotte gets to wear a lovely, understated cocktail dress. While the second season has been lacking in clothing continuity, this one episode seemed to find a lifeline to the Sex and the City of the past which we all so dearly miss.

I Couldn’t Help But Stare …

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

That being said, what the hell was Lisette wearing? Show me one 20-something-year-old in Manhattan who would knowingly mix these patterns together (including and especially the leopard-print cardigan) and don a business-casual silhouette after finding out the people they sublet their apartment from are moving back to the city. If this sounds like you, more power to you and maybe the rest of us actually need to learn something from your vision. I understand Lisette is supposed to remind us of a young Carrie — a hot-mess express protégée with a lot of heart and potential — but this outfit was serving mid-2000s Gossip Girl, and not in a good way. I will say, the Prada bag was on point.

Honorable Mentions

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

• Miranda’s key-lime-green power suit! With the tie! That’s a woman who ditched her emotionally turbulent situationship and STOOD UP. She’s so back.

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

• Carrie’s emerald-green getup that she wears to meet Aidan’s ex-wife, Cathy. It’s so over the top and yet somehow simple. Classically her.

• Charlotte’s Oscar de la Renta situation with the tiny floral box purse! I love bags that aren’t shaped like … bags.

• Brady’s denim hoodie! The pockets are everywhere you expect them not to be! Do we have a fashion king on our hands?

• Giussepe’s turtleneck. Something about a collared sweater makes me sleepy in the best way.

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

• LTW just can’t help but color block, can she?

• Seema’s black-and-white patterned coat. What else are you supposed to wear when you’re doing the deed while convincing your client to sign the deed?

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