Jeremy Allen White Shoots His Shot

Wow. Photo: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

It is time yet again to check in with Chef Jeremy Allen White, a man whose recent behavior whispers very loudly, “I am going through a divorce.” His wife Addison Timlin, with whom he shares two daughters, filed for divorce in May, and in the subsequent weeks, he has offered us a candid, unfiltered expression of his current relationship status.

Two weeks ago, White and his newfound bachelordom were making out with actor Ashley Moore on the sidewalks of L.A., and this week he appears to be rolling the dice with Euphoria star Alexa Demie. Demie appeared in a Calvin Klein commercial shot by photographer duo Inez & Vinoodh, who posted clips of the campaign on their Instagram account. Amid the heart and fire emojis from fellow photographers, stylists, and celebrities, White’s verified Instagram handle offered a singular, cryptic “Wow.”

Wow. Wow … wow? Wow! While no one — including, I am convinced, White himself — will ever truly know what he meant by these three palindromic letters, they both delight and disturb me. Does he merely love sportswear-inspired lingerie? Does he know people can see his comment? Perhaps unintentionally, White has given us another raw glimpse into the embarrassing internet habits of single, famous men. As of Friday, the comment was still lurking there, suggesting he has seen us notice it and boldly decided not to care. Shoot your shot, I guess!

Jeremy Allen White Shoots His Shot