Get Cardi B on Real Housewives Immediately

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Every Bravoholic knows that one of the most important parts of being a Real Housewife is having the perfect tagline. It has to be snappy, wink at a past incident, and make viewers laugh. Done right, a tagline becomes a part of fans’ everyday lexicon. Cardi B understands this formula well. On Monday night, while appearing on Watch What Happens Live, the rapper told host and Housewives maven Andy Cohen what her tagline would be if she were cast on the franchise: “The only thing I throw harder than mics … is shade.”

Cardi has a penchant for hurling random objects at people. Most recently, she threw a microphone at an audience member during a performance in Las Vegas, immediately after they threw a drink at her. The fan pressed charges, but authorities said there wasn’t enough evidence for a case. Cardi told the hosts of The Breakfast Club last week that she didn’t regret throwing the mic, which is something a Housewife would absolutely say.

Obviously, though, Cardi has a couple of preexisting commitments — music career, political commentary, alcoholic whipped-cream company — that may make full-time Housewifery untenable. But if she’s too busy to be a series main, maybe she could be a “friend of”? Or even have a one-off cameo? The fans will take anything, on any franchise. Think about it, Andy.

Get Cardi B on Real Housewives Immediately