Jeff Bezos, What Are You Doing Here?

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

For every NYFW show, there’s the usual crowd of Fashion Week subjects like Delaney Rowe, Rachel Sennott, and Jeremy O. Harris — but L.A.-based label Staud’s return to NYFW also included … a lot of men in suits? Jeff Bezos was there, too.

Sarah Staudinger of Staud is the same designer who gave us an amazing Fashion Week moment two years ago: Larry David covering his ears in the front row, looking visibly uncomfortable. It was possibly the most Larry David moment ever. Bezos, on the other hand, seemed visibly very happy sitting alongside his fiancée, Lauren Sánchez. And why wouldn’t he be? He spent the summer on his megayacht taking horny photos and being an Instagram boyfriend. 

The show itself was ’90s inspired and featured fresh-faced models dancing and twirling down the runway in ballet flats and maxi skirts.

While Bezos isn’t a fixture at NYFW shows, he’s no stranger to going to the sort of big, splashy events where you get your photo taken, like Coachella and, most recently, Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour alongside the Kardashians. So it’s not that big of a stretch that he’s in town. But the real question is: Why was he at Staud? Perhaps he and Sánchez were guests of designer Sarah Staudinger’s husband, Ari Emanuel. Or maybe Sánchez, who shared a photo with a few friends and attendees in her star-studded Staud dress, is a fan of the brand. Or the duo simply couldn’t let Kymothée be the only couple everyone’s talking about at NYFW.

Jeff Bezos, What Are You Doing Here?