Halsey and Avan Jogia Have Hard Launched

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Months after breaking up with their screenwriter boyfriend, Alev Aydin, it looks like Halsey has moved on, Instagram hard-launch and all. Back in September, the singer was spotted walking hand-in-hand with Canadian actor Avan Jogia on the streets of Los Angeles, according to “Page Six.” They also cuddled and made out during a performance at the Cara Hotel in Los Feliz. On Thursday, Halsey and Jogia posted Instagram carousels from L.A. Fashion Week, in which Jogia wraps an arm around the singer and both are dressed in leather. What’s more official than a little outfit coordination?

The two first sparked dating rumors in June, when they were photographed on a beach in Barcelona together, but neither of them commented on the chatter. Since then, Halsey, who uses she/they pronouns, has reportedly shared photos to their Instagram story that seem to feature a blurred Jogia, and they’ve been seen with him at a flea market in Silver Lake at least two times. Last month, Jogia, who is best known for playing Beck Oliver on Victorious, was photographed arriving at Halsey’s home, per Us Weekly, all pieces of evidence that seemed to support the new-BF theory.

Halsey and their ex-boyfriend, Aydin, broke up in April after several years together. In 2021 they welcomed a baby boy, Ender Rider, whose birth Halsey called a “rare and euphoric” experience. At the time of their purportedly “amicable” split, Halsey filed for full physical custody and joint legal custody of their son. Meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly that Jogia has “been with her day and night. While she’s working or with her son, Avan’s been there to support her. He even goes on errands and coffee runs. They seem like a good team.”

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Halsey Hard-Launches New Boyfriend