Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 23

Björk, a Scorpio. Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Images

Early Sunday morning, communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio. On Monday, the sun follows. With both these planets in the most brooding, provocative sign of the zodiac, you can expect the intensity to ramp up. Conversations will be more intimate and searching; passions will run hotter. Where you might previously have been satisfied with chit-chat or easy answers, Scorpio season is the time to delve deep. Then on Saturday, the lunar eclipse in Taurus closes out the cycle that began with the Libra solar eclipse on the 14th. This one will clarify a shift in your values. It may illuminate the distance between your actions and your principles, but it’ll also show you how you might close that gap to move forward with fresh purpose.

Weekly Horoscope Aries

Aries Weekly Horoscope

You know yourself pretty well by now. You’ve been through joy and heartbreak, successes and failures, and with each experience, you’ve grown into the person you are today. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t also still have the capacity to transform, to surprise yourself. This week, you have a chance to examine yourself and your life honestly. Is this what you want? Are you making the most of your time? Maybe you’re happy to be exactly where you are. But if not, it’s never too late for a change.

Weekly Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

It may look to some like you’re rigid in your principles, your ideas about how things should be done, but that’s not really the case. It’s more so that you’ve worked hard to develop your beliefs, and you’re not willing to compromise them in order to avoid conflict. This week, though, you might have no choice but to work alongside people who frustrate you, who always disagree or simply express themselves in ways you find annoying. It’s not your job to change yourself to please them or make them comfortable, but keep an open mind.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

To you, little could be worse than being boring. You’d rather say the wrong thing in spectacular fashion than tell people what they want to hear, and you’re more interested in someone who swings big and fails than in those who succeed by following all the rules. Sometimes, though, you’re too tired to come up with surprising quips and fresh new ideas. Nobody can be sharp all the time, on all the time. This week, stop worrying about whether you’re being smart or funny or cool enough. Right now, it’s enough to do your work, show up for other people, and try to be useful.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

While some may blurt out an idea as soon as it enters their head, you tend to keep your opinions to yourself. You want time to think things over, to be absolutely sure about how you feel. Words are powerful, and you use yours with care. This week, though, don’t wait to express yourself until you have absolute clarity and the perfect language to do so. Give yourself permission to be messy, to communicate your emotions in real time, even if it means getting some of the words wrong at first. The best thing you can do right now is to muddle through with courage and honesty.

Weekly Horoscope Leo

Leo Weekly Horoscope

You try to avoid dwelling on the past. You’re here now, and you prefer to give your attention to the world that exists around you, the people you encounter every day, the present-day version of yourself. You’re lucky not to get bogged down in nostalgia or regret. This week, though, you may be compelled to spend some time thinking about your family’s history, your own past choices, all the things that had to happen for you to be exactly where you are right now. Your memories aren’t a distraction: they’re useful, illuminating. They can show you the way forward.

Weekly Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

You’re entering a busy season, your work and social calendars both filling up. It may seem like more than one person could possibly manage, but the more active you are right now, the better, more fulfilled you’ll feel. Chance encounters and random interactions might change your life for the better. Be careful not to burn yourself out — you’re always allowed to bow out of projects and turn down invitations — but make a point to engage with the world, and the people in it, as much as you can.

Weekly Horoscope Libra

Libra Weekly Horoscope

You tend to underestimate your power, to imagine that you have less say than you do. In some ways, it’s not so bad: you’re not likely to start a cult, for one. But this week, it’s important not to submit to a sense of helplessness. Think about your values, the people you care about, the sort of world you want to live in. You have resources, talent, and support enough to protect the people you love. And when you join together, you can change the world.

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Lately, you’ve been doubting everything — your principles, your relationships, your priorities. You’ve second-guessed the decisions that have gotten you here, re-evaluated your life goals, or wondered whether you’ve been misunderstanding the people you love. Even your most firmly held beliefs are suddenly tenuous. This week, though, your constant questioning will pay off at last as some of your uncertainties resolve. The more soul-searching you’ve done, the more clarity you’ll have. The more intensely you’ve doubted yourself, the more confidence and authority you can speak with.

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

You’ve been busy lately — too caught up in work, friends, the world around you to stop and breathe. Without enough time to rest and recharge, it’s easy to get distracted, to fall back on old habits and lose sight of what you most care about. So this week, try to slow down. Ask yourself if you like your life as it is, whether you’re happy with the direction you’ve moving in or you want something to change. You don’t need to take action just now, but it’s important to make time and space where you can reflect.

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

You sometimes get the feeling that nobody around you takes anything seriously, that activities would never get planned and projects would never come together without you. It’s stressful to shoulder all that responsibility, and while you’re happy to step up, it eventually starts to wear on you. So this week, take a step back. Let somebody else take the lead. Your friends and community are likely to surprise you, if you let them, and you might find it’s rewarding to play a supporting role for a while.

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Sometimes, it feels like you have to hide your true self in order to make it through the day. Maybe you have to pretend to care about boring and inconsequential matters at work. Maybe you’re expected to make everyone laugh, even when you’re worn out and sad. Maybe you’ve changed in the last few years, but nobody in your life seems able or willing to accept it. This week, the more honest you can be (with others, but also with yourself) about what you want, what kind of person you want to be, the happier you’ll be.

Weekly Horoscope Pisces

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Whether you’ve been weighed down by personal matters, or grief over the suffering of others, life has felt unbearably heavy lately. You’ve been consumed by practical concerns, spending all your time putting out fires and caring for those you love. But this week should offer some relief. The universe will begin to feel expansive again, filled with possibility. Your sense of adventure will return. You can start to imagine a future that’s beautiful and exciting, that’s brighter than ever. Even while the stress and the sorrows remain, you can find reason to hope, too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 23