What Did Beyoncé and Superman Talk About at Dinner?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

As any woman who has gotten bangs can tell you, radically changing your hair can make you do other, equally crazy things. Some take their fresh bobs out on the town to make out with a stranger. Others shave their eyebrows along with their heads. For Beyoncé, who recently debuted a silvery Targaryen dye job, new hair means going out to dinner with your husband and a weird assortment of famous men.

On Wednesday evening, Mrs. Knowles-Carter surfaced in London, where she is celebrating the release of her concert movie, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. The night before the big premiere, she stopped by an ultra-exclusive members-only club with her husband Jay-Z (famously also a musician), Tom Cruise, and actor Henry Cavill (mostly of Superman fame, though he has apparently retired from that role). Cavill dressed in his Sunday best, and Beyoncé dressed like someone who does not want to be perceived.

I cannot imagine what these four talked about at dinner — being rich? How to make eye contact with a camera from atop a moving train? — but in photos taken outside the restaurant, they appear to be operating on several different planes of reality. Bey is smizing under layer upon layer of expensive-looking white clothing, while Jay dutifully doles out autographs. Cruise is in full Mr. Hollywood mode, grinning for fan photos and signing Top Gun posters. Cavill is just along for the ride, having presumably gotten a last-minute call from his buddy Tom, thrown on his favorite plaid tie, and skedaddled out the door for the night of his life. I hope he at least scored an invite to the Renaissance premiere?

What Did Beyoncé and Superman Talk About at Dinner?