Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence Love Makeup, Not Plastic Surgery

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

A celebrity-on-celebrity interview is a unique opportunity for two famous people to really let their guard down, to talk about A-list things, to stop being polite, and to start getting real. At least, that is their purported goal. Usually, they’re just a good excuse for the person selling something to not have to answer a probing follow-up question. Such was the case for the latest issue of Interview magazine, in which actress/reality-TV superfan Jennifer Lawrence chatted with businesswoman/reality-TV star Kylie Jenner.

These two moms got into everything. Does Kylie have greyhounds because they remind her of Kendall? Sort of. How much should you and your children acknowledge your security guard? A little bit. And the big question: Have both women gotten total plastic surgery makeovers to their faces? No!

“I also think it’s incredible what makeup can do because I work with Hung [Vanngo], who overlines the lip,” Lawrence said. “I call him a plastic surgeon, because everybody in the last few months since I’ve been working with him is convinced that I had eye surgery.” Jenner, who apparently has a different social-media feed than I do, was completely shocked at those allegations. She told the No Hard Feelings actress that it “doesn’t look like that” but that it is “amazing what makeup can do.”

“I did end up getting lip fillers, but it’s also the same with me. I’ll see before and after photos when I’m 12 years old versus 26 and my eyebrows are filled differently. I have contour on,” Jenner said. “I’m like, ‘How can you compare my 12-year-old face and say I’ve gotten my jaw shaved and eyelids removed?’”

Lawrence felt similarly, grousing at people who compared her face at 19 to her face at 30. “Everybody thought I had a nose job, and I’m like, ‘I’ve had the exact same nose. My cheeks got smaller. Thank you for bringing it up,’” she told Jenner.

So there you have it: These women look like that because of makeup. It’s contour, babes. Nothing to see here but lip liner and selfies taken from the right angle. It’s the holiday season, and I’m feeling generous, so all I have to say about that is: Sure! Whatever you say, ladies.

Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence Love Makeup, Not Surgery