What Exactly Is Going On in the New Mean Girls Trailer?

Photo: Jojo Whilden/Paramount Pictures

Get in, losers, the first trailer for the new Mean Girls movie just dropped — and it is very confusing. The movie, which will be released in January, is a film version of the 2018 stage musical that was an adaptation of the 2004 cult-favorite movie. According to the trailer, it’s also “not your mother’s Mean Girls,” which, rude.

The cast is mostly fresh faces from the original movie, with the notable exception of Tina Fey, who reprises her role as Ms. Norbury. (As with the original Mean Girls, Fey also wrote the script.) Meanwhile, Reneé Rapp is Regina George and Ashley Park plays Gretchen Weiners. Busy Phillips plays the chaotic mom, and there’s also Jon Hamm?

The trailer is an uncanny mix of familiar and new that mostly left us feeling disoriented. From the looks of it, there’s Aaron Samuels, sexy Santa costumes, and a burn book. There’s also an Olivia Rodrigo soundtrack, but, perplexingly, no original music from the musical? What — and more importantly, why — is this movie? We’re still not sure.

What Exactly Is Going On in the New Mean Girls Trailer?