Surprise! Paris Hilton Has Two Babies Now.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Surprise! On Thursday, Paris Hilton announced that she and her husband, Carter Reum, recently welcomed their second baby via surrogacy, a girl named London. The couple’s first child, Phoenix, was born in January.

Apparently, the only people who knew the couple were expecting another kid were Hilton’s mom, Kathy, and her sister, Nicky. “My parents did not know when it was happening; they just knew it was going to happen. So it was the best Thanksgiving surprise ever for everybody,” Hilton apparently says in an upcoming episode of her show Paris in Love. Hilton shared London’s arrival with the rest of the world through an Instagram photo of tiny pink pants and a tiny pink collared shirt with the name scrawled across it. She captioned the post “Thankful for my baby girl.” The next day, she posted photos with Phoenix and her niece and nephews in front of a pink Christmas tree with the caption “Celebrating our baby girl London with a pink Christmas.”

Hilton and Reum got married in November 2021. The next year, she said they hoped to have three or four children and had started IVF during the pandemic. And according to E!, Hilton decided what this baby would be named ages ago. “I’ve always wanted to name my daughter London,” she reportedly said on her podcast earlier this year. “I had actually picked that name for a long time now — probably over ten years. I always wanted London. I love that name for my daughter.”

Surprise! Paris Hilton Has Two Babies Now.