Where on Earth Is Taylor Swift Spending Thanksgiving?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

You probably thought there was nothing left to wonder about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, since all there is to know about them has already been forcibly seared onto your retinas. Wrong! One of the biggest holidays of the year approaches, and with it another compelling Traylor mystery: Where on earth will these two crazy kids be chowing down on turkey and mash? Having acquired little to no concrete info on the matter, tabloids are speculating wildly, and several theories have already emerged.

The most pressing matter at hand, of course: Taylor’s and Travis’s families. Though some cross-pollination has occurred — Taylor famously spent several early games hanging out with Mama Kelce in the player’s box, and Travis bungled a high-five with Mr. Swift during a concert in Argentina — a full meeting of the Kelce-Swift clans has yet to go down. Their families were expected to bond on Monday during Travis’s big game against his brother in Kansas City, but after a fan died at Taylor’s first show in Brazil amid sweltering heat, she postponed her second show and missed the game.

Taking all this into account, TMZ claims that the Swifts and Kelces “could” spend the holiday together in Kansas City, since Travis is already there and his enormous new house has enough spare bedrooms — and a pickleball court — for whomever Taylor wants to bring along. “Page Six” is not so sure: It claims Taylor is understandably upset about the tragedy at her Brazil show and may not come back to the U.S. at all, throwing her Turkey Day plans into disarray. Which is perhaps for the best — Thanksgiving is a fraught enough holiday without introducing your in-laws to each other.

Meanwhile, US Weekly is getting to the bottom of what this weeks-old couple will do for Christmas and New Year’s. Its findings? Taylor and Travis have “very detailed plans” to “celebrate together.” One anonymous source believes that, since Travis has never seen Taylor’s Nashville home, they’ll spend Christmas there. Travis is purported to be hard at work doing “Christmas shopping,” so it sounds like Taylor will be getting some gifts (phew!). Their top priorities at the moment are, apparently, “alone time” and “trying to be as much like a regular couple as possible.” This all screams “regular,” yes?

Where on Earth Is Taylor Swift Spending Thanksgiving?