Travis Kelce Finally Addresses the ‘Squirle’ in the Room

Photo: Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Travis Kelce has found some time in between playing professional football and going to Taylor Swift concerts to address his old tweets. Earlier this month, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end made history by becoming the first person to ever become more endearing after their 2011 tweets resurfaced. How can you not like a guy who just wants to chill out under the moon and “visualize my success n vibe to the scenary”?

On his podcast, New Heights, this week, Travis and his brother, Jason, talked about Travis’s decade-old missives. “What’s hilarious is nobody followed me back then,” Travis said. “Since I’ve gotten to the NFL, I’m like, ‘Gosh, I want all those things to get deleted.’” By the grace of gosh, Travis did not learn how easy it is to delete a tweet until we had already gotten to enjoy this classic:

“I was just using Twitter as, like, a diary,” Travis said. “I’m just out here saying nonsense … and spelled squirrel like a jackass.” Jason brought up an interesting point, which is that it would be kind of crazy to see a squirrel eat a whole slice of bread. We cannot let Travis’s spelling get in the way of his keen insights.

Travis had a personal favorite, even though he doesn’t remember it at all. It’s this one:

If you can say anything about Travis Kelce, it’s that he still isn’t folding under pressure. Dub, indeed.

Travis Kelce Finally Addresses the ‘Squirle’ in the Room