Adam Driver Had Another Baby

Photo: Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images

There’s no time like the present to find out that Adam Driver is married with two children. While practicing for his Saturday Night Live monologue last week, Hollywood’s tallest man reportedly announced that he recently welcomed a daughter — and, in doing so, drew my personal attention to the fact that he already has both a wife and a son. The more you know!

According to “Page Six,” Driver’s monologue included a line about his new baby that ultimately got cut, but he did practice it during a dress rehearsal. The line went: “Last year, I asked for a baby girl, and I got it, which is exhausting. So this year, I wish for Ambien!” Ha, ha, ha.

Driver and his wife, actor Joanne Tucker, have been married since 2013. They welcomed their first child in 2016, though no one found out until two years later, when Tucker’s sister made her Instagram account public, accidentally showing the world Adam Driver’s wife’s baby shower. Driver has barely acknowledged the existence of his son in the press, which, fine. Maybe one day we will find out his height.

Anyway, in February, “Page Six” published photos of Driver and Tucker completing an errand run in New York, with Tucker looking pretty undeniably pregnant. (Also, they had purchased some baby equipment.) And now, ten months later, Driver announced his second child’s arrival in front of Bowen Yang and also, I guess, a “Page Six” informant. Congratulations to the big dad!

Adam Driver Had Another Baby