happy holidays

Ben Affleck Has a Lot to Do, Okay?


The holidays are a stressful time for us all, and no one is better at expressing that oppressive early-winter ennui than Ben Affleck. Our weary king went shopping in West Hollywood with his wife, Jennifer Lopez, and both their moms, a combo sure to be soothing, pleasant, and not at all migraine inducing. Naturally, Affleck was lucky enough to also be photographed engaging in such a torturous activity, and the cameras have captured him not only grimacing between artisanal homewares but also performing one of the most incredible multitasking feats known to man: Texting while kissing.

Can you feel the Christmas joy practically vibrating off his body?

No matter how (rightfully) unhappy Affleck might be, this is an impressive display of physical dexterity. Also maybe a necessary one. This guy has a lot to do — have you ever gone Christmas shopping for a blended family? — and he is hanging in there the best he can. Still, I am forced to wonder what exactly he was typing while he contorted his lips into a sideways smooch. Here are a few theories:

  • Placing a Dunkin’ mobile order
  • Playing Candy Crush
  • Writing “Kissing, BRB”

Happy holidays, Ben. Chin up!

Ben Affleck Has a Lot to Do, Okay?