Beyoncé Made a Surprise Appearance in Brazil

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

For most people, the week before the holiday break is a wash. You might be “at work,” but how much are you doing, really? However, most people are not Beyoncé, who flew to Brazil on Thursday just to surprise fans at a premiere screening of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. One thing about Virgos, they’re gonna be working on December 21.

Beyoncé showed up at a convention center in Salvador, Bahia, and did her best to talk over the deafening screams of her Brazilian fans. In a video compilation on TMZ, you can hear her say, “I came because I love you so much.”

While there were no South American stops on the actual Renaissance tour, Beyoncé did try to bring some of the fun to the Brazilian crowd. She attempted to do the mute challenge with her fans, but they were too excited to be silent.

Can you blame them? Beyoncé has not been to Brazil in ten years. The last time she was in the country she got dragged offstage by a shirtless man, so I imagine they’re glad she came back at all. They missed her! Judging by the photo dump she posted to Instagram — in which she throws up the deuces in the private jet, poses with the Brazilian flag, and lays down in the private jet — she missed them, too.

Beyoncé Made a Surprise Appearance in Brazil