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Gift of the Day: A Do-Everything Hair Clip

The claw is the key.

Photo: Devin Doyle
Photo: Devin Doyle

We’d usually tell you that gift-giving isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The age and interests of your recipient should steer you toward something they’d actually want. That said, we’ve found one gift that transcends generations, appealing to Gen-Z TikTokers, sensible boomers, and nostalgic millennials alike. Behold: the claw clip, a ’90s accessory that’s found its way back into the Zeitgeist this year thanks to the endorsement of celebs like Bella Hadid and Harry Styles.

This simple acetate piece from Madewell is appealing for its compact size (the perfect stocking stuffer), sleek design, and reasonable price. It’s a trifecta that makes gifting easy when you’re responsible for a universally appealing white elephant present — or need to pick something out for the distant relative you refer to as “the one with the (insert color) hair.” You don’t have to worry if it will fit them or if they’ll even like it. At worst, it’s a handy bathroom accessory for keeping hair out of their eyes, and at best, it’s the anchor of an outfit inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Our work here is done.

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Gift Of The Day: A Do-Everything Hair Clip