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Gift of the Day: A Nike Bag You Won’t Be Able to Stop Petting

A fun under-$50 find.

Photo: Devin Doyle
Photo: Devin Doyle

If you’ve begun keeping track of the gifts your family and friends have hinted at for the last few months, odds are there’s at least one thing from Nike that’s already on their radar. That could be a classic pair of Dunks or Air Force 1’s, or maybe something from the hot collabs between the brand and luxe labels like Sacai and Martine Rose. Unfortunately, tracking down a hyped-up sold-out piece may not be something you have the time or money for this season.

Let us offer an alternative. “Just Do It” isn’t just Nike’s signature slogan; it’s our sign-off when it comes to gifting this plush crossbody bag, an under-$50 find that would be right at home as part of Cam’ron’s iconic baby-pink fur ensemble. While you don’t want to disappoint a recipient who is holding out for something rare on Grailed, a pettable bag emblazoned with an oversize black swoosh is the kind of present that will win you cool points. And, most importantly, it’s still in stock.

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Gift of the Day: A Nike Bag You Won’t Stop Petting