Bradley Cooper’s Food Truck Is the Hottest Club in Town

Photo-Illustration: by TheCut; Photos: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper has a new side hustle, in case directing himself in movies about really intense guys doesn’t work out. The multi-hyphenate opened a cheesesteak food truck in New York City yesterday, and several of the famous women in his life came out to support him. Rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid, ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter Irina Shayk, and longtime friend Laura Dern all showed up to the opening of Danny & Coop’s. “Whiz wit, Maestro,” said Hadid, probably.

According to TMZ, Hadid and Dern pulled up first, although it’s unclear if they were together. In the paparazzi footage, you can see Cooper manning the grill and Hadid paying for her own sandwich. You can also see that the tip screen comes up, but did she smash 20 percent? How does that work with rich and famous people? I’ll never know.

Despite months of paparazzi photos and tabloid sources telling us that Hadid and Cooper are dating, this feels like the closest thing we’ve had to a hard launch. Anyone can hang out at Zero Bond until 3 a.m. Showing up to your man’s random little side project means things are getting serious. Maybe he even has a drawer of Ellen underwear at her place.

An hour after Hadid got her food, Irina Shayk showed up with her and Cooper’s daughter. In photos from TMZ, Cooper is all smiles greeting them — how sweet that they can co-parent in what seems like a healthy way. It’s great that they were able to give their daughter that classic rite of passage in which your mom takes you to your dad’s cheesesteak food truck.

I’m putting money on it now. Danny & Coop’s is destined to become a celeb hot spot. Get your DeuxMoi submission fingers ready, because before you know it, it’s gonna be, “Leo DiCaprio spotted removing his ever-present face mask to enjoy a sandwich from Bradley Cooper’s truck. Anon pls.”

Bradley Cooper’s Food Truck Is the Hottest Club in Town