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Glen Powell Would Like You to Know That Sydney Sweeney Rocks

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Glen Powell really, really liked working with Sydney Sweeney. Did you get that? He couldn’t get enough of it. The actor recently told Entertainment Tonight that his Anyone But You co-star is “one of the most talented actresses we have.” Before I tell you what else Powell said about Sweeney, I want you to remember that these two are co-workers, not significant others.

“A great rom-com doesn’t survive without great chemistry, and Sydney is the easiest person to have chemistry with,” Powell told ET. Okay, so far this is HR-approved. “I mean, immediately, it was like we’d known each other forever, and I think anybody that’s been on the set realizes I never get tired of talking to Sydney,” he continued. Maybe this is just actor talk. They’re so emotional, you know?

“We make each other laugh,” Powell said, echoing every woman’s Instagram post about her engagement. “This movie has felt like a rom-com in itself because Sydney is very easy to pretend fall in love with.” If you squint, this could be interpreted as a guy giving his fellow actor props for being good at her job. If you look at it normally, it’s a pretty flirty thing to say.

If you recall, the last time these two were getting headlines, it was quite the stir. Back in April, rumors started flying that Powell and Sweeney’s press-tour chemistry meant that they were together for real and cheating on their respective partners. In a statement at the time, a rep for Powell clarified that the Top Gun star was single and that he was “not dating his co-star Sydney Sweeney.” Sweeney, for the record, is engaged to a Chicago restaurateur, and they seem very happy.

Whether or not something is going on between these two, Powell is doing a great job of reminding us that this movie is coming out in a couple weeks. In that regard, he’s a star employee.

Glen Powell Would Like You to Know That Sydney Sweeney Rocks