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Jeremy Allen White’s and Rosalía’s Feet Gave Them Away

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Well, well, well, the king of romance is at it again. According to Us Weekly and also body language, Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía are officially dating. Which you may have already known, just by looking at their feet.

News of Rosalía and chef’s relationship comes via a source who claims that, although these two hotties “started out as just friends,” “things have turned romantic recently.” How recently isn’t clear, especially considering they were buying farmers’ market flowers together one month ago, and this unnamed individual offered no further detail on where that particular outing fell in their alleged timeline.

If you don’t believe them, though, a much more compelling piece of evidence emerged on Thursday, when TMZ photographed White and Rosalía smoking cigarettes together outside a Honda Civic. It’s is not a sexy tableau on paper, nor is it all that romantic at first glance. But a closer, lower look reveals far more: Their feet, both clad in ratty white sneakers, are intertwined with the casual intimacy of two people whose bodies have definitely touched. You can’t fake that kind of arch chemistry!

Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía Are Dating