Meghan Markle Returns to Acting

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Meghan Markle is making her return to the small screen. Not television — think of an even smaller screen. The Suits actress got back on set to shoot an Instagram Reel for Clevr, the adaptogenic latte company she’s invested in. You can’t ignore the muse when it strikes!

In the Reel, Markle takes on various roles in the background of shots while Clevr CEO Hannah Mendoza hypes up the company’s different teams. Markle plays a member of the fulfillment crew “lovingly packing” lattes, she’s a member of the “slightly nerdy digital team” (you can tell they’re nerdy because she’s wearing glasses), and she’s someone rooting around in the fridge. She’s basically giving an Eddie Murphy–style performance.

In the comments, there seems to be a shockingly even split between people who love Markle and people who are incensed that they had to look at her in an ad for matcha mushroom powder. “Love you Meg 🔥 I am so proud to be a regular clevr blend girlie,” one commenter wrote. A different person wrote, “Seriously will avoid this if she is attached to it!” That same person also wrote some even ruder sentences that I won’t be printing here.

Quite literally, Markle is having the last laugh. At the end of the Reel, she bursts into laughter after missing a fist bump. Some people in the comments are calling it “cringey” and “desperate,” but presumably those people have never wanted to blow off a little steam after being dragged into yet another royal scandal. It’s like they’ve never heard that laughter (and ashwagandha) is the best medicine.

Meghan Markle Returns to Acting