Olivia Rodrigo Made Out With Her New Boyfriend at a Gas Station

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

There is no better way to bring a male Hollywood youth to my attention than telling me he’s dating Olivia Rodrigo. How else would I know who directs Kate Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend’s music videos? Or that a DJ and social-media influencer named Zack Bia has been bopping around New York’s downtown nightclub circuit for several years? Currently, Rodrigo-related dating rumors are leading many a millennial woman to look up one Louis Partridge, a British actor previously known for playing someone named Lord Tewkesbury in the Enola Holmes movies.

The previously unconfirmed claims came courtesy of The Sun, which would have us believe Rodrigo and Partridge have been “messaging quite a bit” since meeting through mutual friends earlier this year. Apparently, Rodrigo flew to London in October with her friend Conan Gray, another shiny-haired Gen-Z musician, but was really there to see Partridge, whom she met up with for dinner and clubbing. (Both of them are 20, so I guess they can legally enter a nightclub overseas.) The Sun claims these two were “acting very coupley” and also “inseparable.”

Photos and videos taken in London over the weekend do seem to suggest that they were, at the very least, hanging out:

It turns out the rumors were true and the young couple have brought their romance Stateside: Rodrigo and Partridge were papped snogging (because he’s British) at a gas station in New York City on Wednesday. Because what’s hotter than the smell of gasoline? Based on the photos of these two, not much!

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Olivia Rodrigo Kissed Her New Boyfriend at a Gas Station