Selena Gomez Is Still Wearing That Ring

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

It seems we have entered a new chapter in Selena Gomez’s turbulent social-media presence: The comments-section relationship launch. Recently, she opted to make a big reveal under a post by Pop Factions, a popular Instagram tabloid: She is dating Benny Blanco, a music producer and the world’s biggest co-ords fan.

Blanco and Gomez have worked on a handful of songs together since 2015 — he’s listed as a producer on “Same Old Love” and on her most recent release, “Single Soon,” among others — and he’s also a frequent collaborator with Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber. He seems to have been hanging out with Gomez for months, including at her birthday party in July. Though it’s unclear how long things have been romantic, they surely are now.

How do we know? First, Gomez added a humble one-word “Facts” to a Pop Faction carousel rounding up evidence of a possible romance between her and Blanco. (Their main exhibits were, fittingly, other Instagram interactions between the two: Gomez promoting Blanco’s new cookbook on her stories; Gomez’s mother following Blanco; Blanco writing on his Stories that his girlfriend left a note for him about being bloated, with a blurry brunette sleeping in the background.) After that, Gomez reportedly responded to other comments under the same post, some of them criticizing her relationship. She wrote that Blanco is “my absolute everything in my heart,” is “the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” and “has treated me better than any human being on this planet.” Also, “he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.”

After her comments-section rampage, Gomez posted a photo of herself cuddling with a man whose face is cropped out — though based on the safari animals printed on his shirt, I think we can make an educated guess at his identity. Blanco loves a wacky button-down. This was followed by another Instagram Story, this one of Gomez’s left hand wearing a glittery “B” ring. The ring may or may not be from Shein, which, if true, would add a beautiful layer of chaos.

Shein or not, Gomez was wearing the same ring a week later, when she posted a roundup of photos taken on a trip to New York. Blanco and his glittering first initial are prominently featured, and the last image of the carousel shows the couple kissing. Blanco, inexplicably, commented with a pineapple emoji.

Are they engaged, you’re wondering? It’s unclear, but it does seem like, contrary to Gomez and Blanco’s most recent collab, neither of them is planning to be single soon. Facts.

Selena Gomez Is Still Wearing That Ring