Sia Says She Got Liposuction for Her ‘Confidence Issues’

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp

Sia is talking about her plastic surgery again. On Saturday, the singer revealed that she’d gotten liposuction earlier in the day, writing in a post on X: “I am insecure like most people and being in the public eye gives me anxiety, so I’ve made the choice to alter my appearance for my own confidence issues.”

She went on to say that she “had to take a medication that made me put on a lot of weight that I just can’t shift with exercise or thyroid meds,” and added: “I want to be truthful about all of my procedures so I don’t contribute to the system that tells us we aren’t enough.”

This isn’t the first time Sia has been candid about altering her appearance. In October, she said that she had a facelift, though she didn’t specify why or when. In 2021, she said she had gotten liposuction twice on her chin and once on her stomach. The procedure on her stomach “went wrong,” leaving the area looking like “someone threw a hammer” in her abdomen, which spurred a phase of chronic illness, she said. “I did that to myself because I was so insecure and finally, I’m stopping doing any of that,” she said at the time.

While it doesn’t sound as though she’s stopped with the procedures, Sia was up front about her ability to access plastic surgery, which on average costs about $4,500 but can be pricier. “Please know that I am so lucky to have the resources to change the way I look,” she wrote over the weekend. “When you see me looking crazy foxy again … I want you to know it did not come from diet and exercise.”

Sia Says She Got Liposuction for Her ‘Confidence Issues’