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Simone Biles’s Husband Thinks He’s the ‘Catch’

Photo: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

You would think that, even for a professional NFL player, marrying Simone Biles is a humbling experience. What is a touchdown when your wife is the most decorated gymnast in world history? And yet, that is apparently not the case for Biles’s husband, Jonathan Owens, a safety for the Green Bay Packers who recently claimed in a joint interview that he is “the catch” in their relationship.

Surely this wild assertion would make more sense if you had more context? Let’s see. It started when the couple, during a joint appearance on The Pivot Podcast, explained how they met. Owens, I guess, felt confident enough to admit he didn’t even know who Biles was when he matched with her on Raya in 2020. “I never really paid attention to gymnastics,” he claimed, as if this was a sufficient excuse. To be clear, this was four years after Biles set an American record for the most golds in women’s gymnastics at a single Games. But Owens was impressed by a different accreditation. “She just had a bunch of followers,” he said, “So in my mind I’m like, Okay, she’s got to be good.” What???

After attempting to reason that he was in college training camp when Biles won the Olympics and “didn’t have NBC,” Owens just kept digging the hole. When one of the podcast’s hosts jokingly asked if he considered himself the catch in their relationship, he responded, seemingly straight-faced, “I always say that the men are the catch.” He went on to say that he was “afraid to commit” to her so early on in his football career but they “hit it off.” Three years later, they got married in Cabo — and less than four months after that, Biles set yet another U.S. record after returning to competition. That championship aired on NBC, too — hopefully Owens caught it?

Simone Biles’s Husband Thinks He’s the ‘Catch’