Dakota Johnson Isn’t Done Bragging About Her Sleep Habits

Photo: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

Last December, The Wall Street Journal published an interview with Dakota Johnson in which the headline was “Dakota Johnson Likes to Sleep for 14 Hours a Night.” It got a lot of coverage, because when was the last time you slept 14 hours a night? Now, Johnson would like to clear things up.

“I didn’t even say that like that,” Johnson said of the headline on The Tonight Show on Monday. “I said that I could easily sleep 14 hours, but I don’t, like, demand it. I’m not a monster.” What Johnson does not seem to realize is that no one thinks she’s a monster — we are just jealous. In the WSJ interview, she said that she is “not functional” with less than ten hours of sleep. That’s glamour!

“I don’t have to take anything to sleep like that either, I can just sleep like that,” Johnson told Jimmy Fallon, leaving us with one final brag. “I think if I took, like, an Ambien, I think I’d wake up next year.” Think about that the next time you’re mixing tart cherry juice and magnesium in an effort to get a measly eight hours. If you were Dakota Johnson, you’d already be asleep.

Dakota Johnson Isn’t Done Bragging About Her Sleep Habits